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Summer time is surfing time.

Our Riversurfcamps offer the perfect setting for continuous improvement. Luki Haigermoser will pass on his knowledge and experience and teach you how to get the most out of yoursessions. Improve, upgrade your Skill-Set and enjoy the community, guided and coached by a professional and experienced local Riversurfer.  

The dates are set in a bi-weekly rhythm, our goal is to support you in the best way possible so you can find your sweet spot of continuous progression. You can book your spotsseparately, join us for one camp or ride with us all way long - choose what suits your progress and passion.

FR 27 / 05 / 2022 (09:30 -14:00) - 3 Spots left

New dates coming soon

- 1 CAMP EUR 139,-*

You can apply your package of choice on any given dates.

*INKLUSIVE Skillyard-Access for FREE
This means you can send Luki questions, videos to analyze and ask for advice completely free of charge additionally to the In-person-training at the Camp(s). Let someone film you and send the video in, Luki will analyze it and give you feedback on how to improve. You are planning a new trick and don’t know how to approach it? Tell Luki about it so he can let you know what it takes to stomp this trick and make you aware of the important things to think about. This opportunity completes the package of perfect improvement on your individual means. 

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Luki Haigermoser is experienced in competing professionally, he is known for always wanting to get the most out of every single session - and today he defines “the most” simply as “the most fun”.
Luki is a passion driven, experienced and fun orientated Coach. His intuitive ways to think outside the box and his creative nature combined with his knowledge and experience truly make him one of a kind.

In 2011 Luki picked up a board for the first time, after a small Riverwave was built in the city of Salzburg. Surfing became his passion the first time he stepped on a board. He started to compete quite successfully - 2x Austrian Champion and many more wins and podium finishes in other contests. Luki stopped competing in 2019. He loves to shape his own boards, exploring different waves and he also picked up a second passion: Hydrofoiling.


+ Professional coaching
+ Individual training and feedback
+ Professional video analyse & videos
+ Training tips
+ Guidance on your next steps and on how to reach your goals
+ Food and drinks
+ Videos and pictures
+ Goodie bag
+ 1 month Skillyard access - for FREE


The Riverwave offers a unique opportunity to go surfing all year round far away from any ocean in the middle of the Alps in Austria. This works based on a physical principle called hydraulic jump - which makes the Riverwave powered only by the river's natural source of energy, water and flow. The WaveShaper can produce a 10 meter wide and up to 1.5 meter high surfable standing wave, ideal for landlocked surfers trying to maintain their surfskills or hone their skills for their next surf trip. Moreover, it is also ideal for firsttimers or people only wanting to suck in some surf vibes!

If you have and bring your own surf equipment, that's perfect - if not, don't worry, we've got you covered! You can rent the entire surf equipment at The Riverwave ranging from safety equipment to soft- & hardboards, wetsuits and booties.

The Wave is located in Ebensee, a small village surrounded by mountains lying at the southern end of one of Austria's most loveliest lakes - Traunsee! 
Homepage: THE WAVE
Location: MAPS
Langwieserstraße 35b
4802 Ebensee


30 min - Get together - Welcome and theory
2 hours -
Coaching Session - Individual Coaching
30 min -
Lunch break - Food and drinks included
1 hour -
Video analysis- Individual Feedback with effective coaching tool

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1. We assume no responsibility for any result related directly or indirectly to any action that a coachee takes based on any advice or interaction with the coach.

2. By attending and taking part, you agree that being recorded is fine with you and that such recordings may be used for commercial or promotion.

3. We are monitoring the current health situation with regard to the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) very closely and reserve the right to cancel the event at short notice. If the event is canceled, the package price will not be charged. Subject to program changes.

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