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The fastest way to learn new skills

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How it works


Find your favorite coach among top athletes from different areas. Easily connect online, no matter where you live.


Tell your coach which skill you want to master and send your questions as video, audio or text message.


Your coach will send you 1-on-1 feedback, expert tips and exercises for you to improve faster and nail that skill step by step.


How much feedback do I get?
You can ask your coach a question you have about a specific topic, e.g. a trick you try to land. Both you and your coach then decide when your question is answered. The amount of messages sent / videos uploaded is not limited during that time.

Not happy with your coaching experience?
You'll get your money back. No questions asked.

How often do I have to pay?
It's a one-time payment. It includes feedback from your coach until your question is answered to your satisfaction.

Markus Lahmer is all about style! With his help you’ll not only nail pro level tricks, but will learn to land them in his exceptional manner with full control plus it’s always a lot of fun to ride with Markus as he always brings good vibes with him!

Nick Indy

Wakesurf Pro

"Benj Friant has coached the best of the best in the sport. It's always a pleasure to learn from him or watch him ride in his unique style in person."

Mario Walkner

Co-Founder Skillyard

If I am where I am today, it's definitely because of Dom! As a wake surfing coach myself, I still use a lot of his coaching tips I learned from him over the years. If you have a chance to get a lesson from Dom, JUMP ON IT! You sure won't regret it!

Caroline Villeneuve

Wakesurf World Champion

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